About Relworx

Relworx is a software company that builds fintech products and custom software solutions for businesses using secure and efficient technologies.

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Expand your Business with Relworx Payments Today!

We are a trusted brand in payments processing. Join us today to grow your business.

We process payments for all types of businesses, from small businesses, start-ups, developers, to banks. And our unique & simple API will get you going in no time.


Our payments API is simple, straight to the point and well documented with examples to get you started.


When you start using our API, we give you a simple and well designed dashboard that summarizes all your data in one place.


You will be able to generate reports, monthly, weekly daily or even yearly using our search filter. And they are downloadable in excel format.


When using our services, you will be sure that the security is top notch and your applications using our API will be stable.


We are a company that prides itself in efficiency and excellency, we deliver the best software that follows the industry best standards, well tested and designed. Hire us and let us grow your business.

  • Tested Software

    All our software is well tested, we use a test driven development method while developing our software.

  • Maintenance/Support

    All our software is actively supported and maintained on a daily basis, thus we guarantee you products that work all the time.

  • Quality products

    We deliver high quality software products, with our high end development procedures, we assure you of the best products.

  • Timely Services

    When you work with us, we collaborate with you during development and we ensure that we deliver your product on time.